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Welcome to the Bunbury Region Presbyterian Church.

A Mission Church of the PCA in WA. 
Ring 0420 470 311 (Clive or Doreen) for local details.
"Small in number but strong in faith in the Lord Jesus, the Bunbury Congregation has welcomed a new and fresh year to serve and proclaim Jesus' kingship in this part of the Lord's vinyard. On every Lord's Day, the gospel is preached mainly from Romans recently. We thank God for His covenant grace shown toward the people of Bunbury through the existence and ministry of Bunbury Region Presbyterian Church, praying that many souls may be brought in. We also seek all other sister congregations' prayers for us." Rev Dr Kwangho Song -- Moderator.

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Recording of 1st Hymn for 1 November 2020: REJOICE! 613

Recording of 2nd Hymn for 1 November 2020: REJOICE! 296

Recording of 3rd Hymn for 1 November 2020: REJOICE! 310



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