Presbyterian Church



Bunbury Region


Bunbury Region Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church in Western Australia and thus the Presbyterian Church of Australia. It is a Mission Church, established by the Presbytery of WA. It is governed by its Session (Moderator plus 3 Elders) and managed by its Committee of Finance and Property.


What we Believe

The Presbyterian Church is a Christ centred, Bible based, reformed Church.


The highest standard by which the Church's belief and practice is to be measured is the Word of God; the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. So that others can clearly understand what the Presbyterian Church of Australia believes is taught in the Bible, the Church has adopted the Westminster Confession of Faith (with two minor amendments) as a statement of its key doctrines. While the Church believes the Confession sets forth Biblical doctrines accurately and reliably, the Confession is always referred to as the subordinate standard, and the Bible is the supreme standard.

You will find the Church's doctrine of the Bible defined in Chapter 1 of the Westminster Confession of Faith. The Confession of Faith is quite detailed, and explains the Bible's teaching on God, Creation, the wonder of being human and the awfulness of sin, and the whole work of God in salvation. The Confession is careful to emphasise that this salvation is by the sovereign Grace of God. It also sets out clear positions on living the Christian Life, and worshipping as a part of the Church in society. The Confession ends with a simple statement on the expectation that Christ will one day return.

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